Monday, February 1, 2016

New from the Census:Business Statistics at the Congressional District Level

Announcement from the Census Department and Department of Commerce:  "The  newly updated  My Congressional District Web application includes County Business Patterns data at the congressional district level. This Web application, designed primarily for Congressional audiences and the public, now combines both economic and demographic characteristics.  Combined with the American Community Survey (ACS) data, the app displays demographic, socioeconomic and housing statistics for the nations' communities providing a comprehensive portrait of America's congressional districts.
The County Business Patterns data, provide the only detailed annual information on the number of establishments, employees, and annual payroll for nearly 1,200 industries at the national, state, county and now congressional district levels." "

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

World Bank: Visualizing the World of Business Regulations

From World Bank: The Doing Business project produces a rich dataset of objective measures of business regulations for local firms in countries around the world. We’ve written about some of the key findings - how starting a business is easier than ever before and produced a dashboard to explore that topic; but the dataset goes much further.

The 2016 edition of the report covers 11 indicator sets or “themes” and 189 economies. These themes range from enforcing contracts and registering property to getting electricity and credit. We’ve produced the dashboard  to help explore this data and let you filter across various dimensions - in general, a lower rank or smaller bar is better but hover over bars to see the details. You can click through the tips at the top of the visual for a tutorial, or just dive right in! 

Visualizing the World of Business Regulations

2015 Global Open Data Index shows decline in overall percentage of open datasets


Open Knowledge International has published the Global Open Data Index 2015, showing that countries outside of Europe, the US & Canada have made some impressive gains in releasing key data. However, progress remains slow for most governments, who are still not providing key information in an accessible formats to be used, without restriction, by their citizens, civil societies, journalists and businesses.

New from OECD December 2015

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